Brothers Sisters and Siblings (8pm daily)

Date - Sunday 17 Nov 2024
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Welcome to Brothers and Sisters and Siblings Slaa online meeting, with members drawn from the UK/Europe, the Americas, and farther afield.

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ID: 850 7050 2437
Passcode: 123

Brothers, Sisters & Siblings in Recovery is an international meeting for all sex and love addicts. We are a closed meeting, open only to those seeking recovery from sex and love addiction. Newcomers are especially welcome! All fellows from all walks of life are welcome and can find a safe home in recovery with us. Each member of our community is valued and respected for who they are and will find unconditional support from a caring recovery family. If you are seeking recovery from sex and love addiction or think you may be a sex and love addict, we welcome you and are honoured to share your journey with you!

Topic Schedule
Sunday: Cover to Cover SLAA Basic Text Study
Monday: Step 10: Radical Self Honesty
Tuesday: Sobriety Challenges
Wednesday: Step 11 Conscious Contact
Thursday: Understanding Sex and Love Addiction
Friday: Sober Dating and Healthy Relationships
Saturday: Solution Saturdays: The Five S’s of Recovery 

Camera-on encouraged. For more information, email

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