Saturday 9.15am Salisbury Healthy Relationships, Anorexic, Mixed Zoom Meeting (see Details)

Date - Saturday 30 Sep 2023
9:15 am - 10:30 am

Salisbury United Reformed Church, 30 Fisherton St, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7RG United Kingdom


ZOOM MEETING ID 9664995204

Please contact either Patrick or Davina(telephone numbers below) for Passcode to access the Zoom meeting.

Patrick M +44 7714 252050
Davina +44 7768 637207

Finding our room can be a little difficult the first time, so hopefully these instructions will help. Facing the front of the United Reform Church you will notice a grey metal gateway down the right hand side. Go through this gateway walking down the side of the church, ducking under the low stone arch, and you will approach a set of blue fire-doors that provide access to this side of the building. The doors will normally be open by 9.00am, so go in and turn right down the corridor. At the bottom of the corridor our room is the last on the left. If you are still struggling, then most people working in the building know where the 12-step-fellowship room is, as it is used by other fellowships.

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