SLAA POC Race and Relationship Recovery Writing Group

Date - Monday 11 Nov 2024
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


This is is a co-working space where people of colour can uncover  the ways that racism, sexism, capitalism, classism, patriarchy and hierarchy keep us addicted to unhealthy sexual and relationship patterns. We come together to work together on step and recovery writing exploring oppression and relationships, and addictive acting

out or acting in, in sex and love.

We discover new ways, through our personal power, of recovering, thriving, finding joy, enhancing our creativity, honesty and self acceptance and living joyous lives free from unhealthy self-defeating relationship patterns and intimacy disorders. 

This meeting is a 12-step meeting which integrates other recovery models which are empowering for people of colour. Therefore, we also refer to Charlotte Kasl’s 16 steps of healing from trauma and addiction, an encouraging, socially conscious approach to overcoming addiction, finding personal power and building self-esteem.

Worksheet templates are provided. If you’re a person of colour working through the steps or any other personal development or recovery related workbook, feel free to come through. 

Please turn your camera on at the start of the meeting and when sharing to check in and identify yourself and for a sense of connection during the meeting.

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Meeting ID: 871 0819 6706
Passcode: STEP4POC

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