The Next Phase – facing Love Avoidance Wednesday 7pm UK time

Date - Wednesday 18 Sep 2024
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The Next Phase – facing Love Avoidance Wednesday 7pm
Love Avoidance focus meeting

Love Avoidance is often the more bewildering side of Love Addiction. It can be understood as the compulsion to evade true closeness in relationships, sometimes at all costs, driven by a fear of intimacy, enmeshment and abandonment.

If you would like to share at this meeting, please write your ‘name and plus Step 3′ in the chat box – or ‘minus Step 3′ if you have not worked Step 3 yet.

You will be asked to have your video enabled during the whole meeting and to have your screen name as your first name and initial only.

This meeting alternates between a guest chair and either one of the characteristics or a topic from the list.  **

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meeting ID; 889 1371 8015
password; 733011

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