Tuesday 7PM Paris France Zoom SLAA HOW meeting

Date - Tuesday 12 Nov 2024
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Paris-Zoom, Zoom, Paris Zoom, , France


The english speaking SLAA How meeting is held every Tuesday 19.00-20.00h

Please note this meeting is only held on Zoom now (previously hybrid)
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Meeting ID: 713 4702 2639
Passcode: 018696

As a gentle reminder: Before joining the meeting, please note the Safety notice to ensure a safe meeting for everyone:


  • By group conscience, you are asked to keep your VIDEO ON during the meeting.
  • Please treat this meeting as though it where a face to face meeting and wear appropriate attire.
  • It is also requested that we have sufficient light and that our faces are visible to all. If you need to step away for a brief period please do so quietly, no need to type ‘Be right back’ or anything that may distract from the ongoing meeting. If you will be  gone for a longer period please sign out and sign back in.
  • Please refrain from having any outside spoken conversation during the meeting (phone, skype, face to face, etc).
  • Please ensure you are in a quiet space in which you are unlikely to be disturbed
  • Please respect those who are sharing by limiting movement when someone is sharing. You are free to leave and rejoin the meeting if you need to but please try to do so between shares.

(non-exclusive, French speakers welcome)
Contact: englishspeakingslaafrance@gmail.com

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