We Recover Together in SLAA 6:00pm UK Time Every Day

Date - Tuesday 17 Dec 2024
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


We Recover Together in SLAA

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Welcome to our meetings – a deep and effective solution to the many problems caused by sex and love addiction. Our community is a warm and courageous space for all addicts looking for a new way of life.

To join our meeting please email the word “pass” to werecovertogetherinslaa@gmail.com and you should get an automated response with all the details.

We offer relief from the loneliness of this disease and recovery for long-term happiness and freedom. Sponsorship options are available at every meeting so that you can begin to recover as soon as you are ready to. We work the ‘SLAA Awakening’ 12-Step Program, which has been found to produce rapid effective changes in those who work it to the best of their ability.

Our community is firmly based in the spiritual Traditions of the 12 Steps, offering recovery, fellowship, and a life of dignity and meaning. We have a varied membership, from days to decades of 12-step experience.

We are a group which is very focused on doing the 12 Steps because we have seen that this is a way that produces amazing and wonderful changes and a life of gratitude and meaning. Anyone who has a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction is very welcome to join us.

Each of our meetings starts with a reading or a 20-minute share, followed by open sharing.
*SPONSORSHIP: There is a Sponsorship breakout room after every meeting.*

  • Monday – Welcoming Newcomers Meeting!
    Many useful readings for Newcomers such as ‘Suggestions for Newcomers’, ‘What is Sponsorship?’, ‘Romantic Obsession’, ‘Setting Bottom Lines’ &  ‘Defining No Contact’ etc. Open sharing afterwards.
  • Tuesday – Recovery from Anorexia
    Various readings including Steps One to Twelve, as seen through the lens of recovery from Sexual, Emotional, & Social Anorexia. Open sharing afterwards.
  • Wednesday – The Foundations of Recovery: Studying the original AA Text Together  Reading the original book about 12 Step recovery and gaining much each week from its insights into the nature of addiction, and how we can recover. Open sharing afterwards.
  • Thursday – Today’s Meditation from the ‘State of Grace’ SLAA Daily Readings Book
    Each week we read the day’s short daily reading and then have open sharing afterwards
  •  Friday – The Withdrawal Experience:
    We offer Support and Recovery in this Valuable and Challenging time, through readings, shares and open sharing afterwards. Topics such as Dealing with Fear, Fantasy Vs Reality, and Healthy Boundaries
  • Saturday – Step One to Twelve:
    Reading a Step each week from the most recent SLAA Draft copy of ‘A Framework for Living’ to aid our recovery. Open sharing afterwards.
  • Sunday – Relationships in Recovery:
    Reading each week on themes like Sober Sex, Healthy Boundaries, Fear Vs Reality, Sober Dating, Dealing with Fears, Building Partnerships etc. Open sharing afterwards.

Please Note: This is a video on meeting, so please ensure that you are visible during the meeting with appropriate lighting and clothing. If you need to move around that’s not a problem at our meeting, but please keep video on. If you need to leave your screen for a few minutes that’s fine. If you have medical or childcare reasons for needing your video off then please let our camera helper know when you arrive at the meeting. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

We look forward to meeting you on the road to recovery.

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