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Please do NOT e-mail us requesting confirmation of meetings.
This weblist is updated regularly by volunteers from SLAA UK Intergroup.
Please note that all meetings are closed unless otherwise stated.
A closed* meeting may be attended without registration by anyone desiring to recover from sex and love addiction, or by those who think they may have a problem, but not by third parties, media persons or therapy/health care professionals.
Open meetings can be attended by all the above.
All meetings are without charge, although each “group ought to be fully self-supporting”.
If you wish to add, amend or delete a meeting, please email meetingupdates@slaauk.org

If you have any questions about SLAA, please email contact@slaauk.org

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S.L.A.A. UK Statement: COVID19 considerations for restarting face-to-face meetings We advise that groups carefully consider how they will manage and mitigate the risks before deciding whether to return to face to face meetings.


You can add the International Telephone meetings to a Google Calendar (with automatic conversion to your time zone).

Note: Most of the international telephone meetings use the number +1 641 715 3822, access code 524384# – you can connect to these meetings on 0330 606 0187 (again with access code 524384#) at UK landline rates from your phone (for mobiles: +443306060187,,524384#).

There’s a list of international phone numbers to call into these meetings at www.freeconferencecall.com/free-international-conference-call/internationalnumbers.aspx?lang=GB&altlang=EN&phonenumber=641+715+3822

It’s also possible to call via the internet using the FreeconferencecallHD.com app from www.freeconferencecallhd.com/m/index.php FCCHD (go to Add Account or Edit > Add guest access/account)

If you wish to add, amend or delete a meeting, please email meetings@slaauk.org or go to Submit a meeting

Items available from the SLAA UK Literature Committee

Item Code
BO-004Basic Text (with anonymous cover)£10.00
AUB-001Basic Text Audio CD set (by special request)£40.00
NCP-001Newcomers Packs **£4.00
PAM-001Intro To SLAA£1.00
PAM-00240 Questions£1.00
PAM-003Suggestions For Newcomers£1.00
PAM-004Questions Beginners Ask£1.00
PAM-006Addiction & Recovery£1.00
PAM-010Pocket Tool Kit£1.00
PAM-016Renewal Of Sobriety£1.00
PAM-017Setting Bottom Lines£1.00
PAM-018Romantic Obsession£1.00
PAM-019Measuring Progress£1.00
PAM-020Healthy Relationships£1.00
OtherBKP-001Triggers as a resource booklet£3.00
BKP-002Anorexia 1-2-3£3.00
BKT-003A Guide to the Steps£3.00
BKT-004Anorexia Recovery Tools£3.00
JOUR003-01Anorexia Articles Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-02Withdrawal Articles Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-03Healthy Relationships Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-04Twelve Steps Articles Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-06Step 6 Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-07Sober Dating Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-08Step 7 Booklet£5.00
ChipsPL-0011 day£0.80
PL-0021 week£0.80
PL-0031 month£0.80
PL-0042 months£0.80
PL-0053 months£0.80
PL-0066 months£0.80
PL-0079 months£0.80
PL-008Welcome Chip£0.80
PL-100Step 1 Chip£0.80
PL-200Step 2 Chip£0.80
PL-300Step 3 Chip£0.80
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BR-0033 Year£4.50
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BR-0055 Year£4.50
BR-0066 Year£4.50
BR-0077 Year£4.50
BR-0088 Year£4.50
BR-0099 Year£4.50
BR-01010 Year£4.50
Clay MedallionsCL-002Serenity Prayer Clay Medallion£3.00
BraceletsBRC-001Carry The Message£1.20
BRC-002Principles Before Personalities£1.20
AA PublicationsBig Book (paperback)£8.00
12 & 12 (paperback)£6.00
As Bill Sees it£7.00
Came to Believe£6.00
Hazelden Publications24 Hours a Day Book£10.00
Little Red Book£8.00
*Picking and packing 15p per item£0.15
First item 40p£0.40

**Newcomers Packet includes: 40 Questions, Welcome, Questions Beginners Ask, Pocket Toolkit, Welcome Chip, and a SLAA Basic Text reference bookmark

2 Jun 2024
8:00 am - 9:00 am

Sunday 8am UK time Skype Greek SLAA Women

Greek SLAA women now meets on Skype. Skype Name: SLAA GR Skype ID: live:.cid.d2ba9baf0a85604a

Time: Sunday 10:00 AM Athens (8am-9am UK time)

Women only. Greek language only. Contact: Betty slaahowgr@gmail.com

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2 Jun 2024
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Leeds Sunday 11am Skype Video Meeting

Skype-only meeting Sundays 11:00-12:00

To ensure anonymity and safety, a new Skype account has been created for this meeting (see below)

1st Sunday of the month: Traditions Meeting
2nd Sunday of the month: Step Meeting
3rd Sunday of the month: Anorexia Meeting
4th Sunday of the Month: Big Book Meeting
5th Sunday of the Month: Guest Speaker or Workshop or Mediation Meeting

The meeting will be started shortly before 11am, after which you can use the ‘Join Call’ button on Skype to enter the meeting . Use this Skype link to be taken to the meeting. Alternatively, you can use the following email contact to find out more information: leedsslaa@gmail.com

This is an audio and video on meeting.

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2 Jun 2024
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Sunday 18.00/6pm UK Time “Skype” SLAA Men’s HOW Anorexia

This is an Audio only meeting.

Skype ID: live:smha_22
Listed as: SLAA Men’s HOW Anorexia

Please send a Skype message to the group ten minutes before the start and ask to join the meeting (if you are not connected already).

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2 Jun 2024
7:30 pm - 8:40 pm

Sunday 19.30/7.30pm UK Time Skype “Women’s SLAA HOW Anorexia” Meeting

Skype meeting- Add ID : womansslaahowanorexia as a contact. Ask to be added to the meeting, using the IM box up to 15 minutes before meeting starts.

Meeting format Download

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2 Jun 2024
8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Sunday 8pm UK Time Skype People of Colour SLAA HOW meeting

Skype Name: People of Colour in Fellowship (peopleofcolourslaahow)

Contact: pocinslaa@gmail.com

This is a closed 12 step meeting for members who identify as a person of colour to explore the connection between racism and their sex and love addiction behaviour. Our 4 weekly rotation is: SLAA Big Book step study, People of Colour in SLAA pamphlet, Anorexic questions, Guest Chair speaker. For more details see our websites at www.pocinslaa.orgwww.pocinslaa.wordpress.com and sites.google.com/site/peopleofcolourinslaa

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