Convention FAQs

I’m doing service at the Convention, am I required to purchase a ticket?

The short answer is yes. Everyone who attends the Convention including the Convention Committee, Speakers and all the volunteers doing service are expected to buy a ticket.

I can only attend one of the two days. Can I buy a one day ticket?

No. Due to the maximum numbers allowed in the venue it would be extra work for the Convention Committee to split the tickets and ask people to purchase per day of attendance. We agreed a weekend ticket price regardless if you are able to come for one or both days.

What are the requirements to be a speaker?

Ideally the Speakers have completed all 12 Steps in S.L.A.A. and are willing to talk about their personal life experiences in their chosen topic of discussion. We welcome speakers from all aspects of life. This is a wonderful way of giving service and helping other fellows with their recovery.

Will the sessions be recorded?

The sessions in which the Speakers have all agreed to a recording will be available shortly after the Convention has closed.

Is the Convention two days of meetings?

Most of the sessions are debates, discussions and workshops. Then in most of those sessions fellows will be asked to submit questions to the room’s Secretary who will chose relevant questions in which the panel of Speakers can then respond. There are a couple of sessions set up similarly to regular meetings where the Speakers will share and fellows in the room will be able to share based on the Speakers chair. There will be a Secretary in every session who will hold the space, read the preamble and safeguard the room.

Are there marketing materials available for to share?

Yes. On the Convention page there is a downloadable flyer and poster in which you can share online or print at home. Please do share the marketing materials and the ticket link to everyone you know who would benefit from attending.

Will there be tickets available on the door?

Only if the tickets haven’t already sold out online. It is advisable to purchase your tickets in advance.

Can we attend via Zoom?

Not this year. We will look into how a hybrid meeting could function for the 2024 Convention.

I’ve bought a ticket and can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

Yes, please email who will be able to help.

I bought a ticket online. Do I need to bring proof of purchase?

Please bring a copy of the order when first arriving at the venue. This is to make things easier for the volunteers who will be checking people in. Once your name has been checked you will be given a wrist band. Please keep this on you for both days and until you have completely left the Convention.

Is there a cloakroom?

Due to the number of expected fellows and limited available space at the venue we do not have an area dedicated to store fellows’ belongings. Please only bring what you are able to keep with you. The convention is in the middle of summer so bring what you need weather permitting.

Will there be fellowship at the Convention?

Yes, after the sessions have finished on the Saturday (around 6-6:15pm) the Bar, Cafe and Trefusis Room will be our space for fellowship. The cafe will be selling snacks and the bar will be open. Subject to weather conditions we will also have use of the Gardens.

If you have any questions that hasn’t been answered here please email