Please do NOT e-mail us requesting confirmation of meetings.
This weblist is updated regularly by volunteers from SLAA UK Intergroup.
Please note that all meetings are closed unless otherwise stated.
A closed* meeting may be attended without registration by anyone desiring to recover from sex and love addiction, or by those who think they may have a problem, but not by third parties, media persons or therapy/health care professionals.
Open meetings can be attended by all the above.
All meetings are without charge, although each “group ought to be fully self-supporting”.
If you wish to add, amend or delete a meeting, please email meetingupdates@slaauk.org

If you have any questions about SLAA, please email contact@slaauk.org

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S.L.A.A. UK Statement: COVID19 considerations for restarting face-to-face meetings We advise that groups carefully consider how they will manage and mitigate the risks before deciding whether to return to face to face meetings.