Text-Only Online Chat Meetings

You can add the International #SLAA Online chat meetings to a Google Calendar (with automatic conversion to your time zone).


NB: SLAA Online group is international and (like all SLAA groups) is autonomous and not a part of SLAA UK

There are many ways to connect to the #SLAA Online Group chat room on IRC. The method mostly depends on what operating system you are using (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android etc). There are common pieces of information and commands that you will need to know. CStar is a “bot” (robot) and is always present in the #SLAA and #SLAA2 rooms. If you enter our chat room and the only nickname is CStar, please realize that you are alone in the room — although you are at the right place. Even when regular meetings are not scheduled, however, you will often find other recovery acquaintances with whom to chat.

The simplest connection method is to use the webchat on QWebIRC chat browser or via slaaonline.org/irc/

Nickname — we recommend your first name and last initial or something unique and anonymous (like “JohnQ” or “JaneS”).

The server is irc.starlink-irc.org and IRC Channel is #slaa.