SLAA UK Telephone Infoline Committee

If you are interested in volunteering for the infoline the following information may help you decide.

Each volunteer takes on one day of the week. The best time to call to see if any messages have been left is the following morning. When returning a call we do not leave messages unless the caller had given their permission (this instruction is in the SLAA Helpline message).

The Helpline team communicate with each other, passing on calls when needs be. Some requests are sent to Intergroup to be relayed at meetings. In the majority of cases handling a call requires nothing more than encouraging the caller to attend meetings.

Volunteers for the INFOLINE service will need to have been attending SLAA for at least twelve months, be attending meetings regularly, have a sponsor and be working the Steps. Full instructions will be given when taking on service. If you would like to volunteer call the Helpline and leave a message or talk to your GSR.

Email contact for Telephone Infoline Committee