Skype SLAA HOW Meeting guide

N.B. When you enter the SKYPE meeting room please make sure all your phones are switched off or on silent, and please mute your microphone. You do this on Skype by opening up the drop down menu called call and selecting the mute option. When you are asked by the chairperson if you would like to share please then un-mute your microphone using the call drop down menu and start speaking. When you have finished please re-mute your microphone.

Skypeslaahow– is our Skype name, find us there

We welcome you to the SLAA HOW online meetings. Our meeting schedule changes with Daylight Savings Time. To receive the current schedule,  a Newcomer’s packet or a SLAA HOW beginner’s Kit, send  an email to:

and follow the links at the bottom of the automated reply. Please note that although priority will be given in meetings for those working the SLAA HOW program, all members working the SLAA program will be given an opportunity to share if time allows.

Skype SLAA HOW website with documents and information:

Just some important points:
1. We try to observe a tight time boundary and will start and finish meetings promptly but please bear in mind that the group is run only by people who do service, and we are all human. If you are a late arrival please enter quietly. Please leave quietly if you need to leave before the end. Please mute your microphone unless you are speaking.

2. No cross talk. Please observe the no cross talk rule and do not engage in sending IM to other people during the meeting. If necessary you might receive or exchange IM with the Secretary but please be aware that the Secretary is attending the meeting for his/her recovery also.

3. In most meetings, fellows will share for 2 minutes with 1 minute to wrap up. Please acknowledge the Spiritual Timekeeper, when 2 min. are called, and respect the time boundary to wrap up in the following minute, so that everyone may have a chance to share. The Spiritual time keeper will notify you by calling “TIME” if it is time to finish your share.

4. There usually is time allowed after the meeting for fellowship, helping newcomers, give out numbers or emails… Any questions you may have can be made then.

5. Although we have no costs for this meeting we would eventually like to set up a ‘7th Tradition online,  for donation to the SLAA Fellowship Wide Services. In the meantime may we suggest you purchase your SLAA conference approved literature through the SLAA Worldwide Fellowship website: Depending on your location literature may be available from your local Intergroup or meetings, (for example for united kingdom meetings)

6. It has been suggested to use a separate ID for Skype meetings to protect your anonymity. However for convenience some of us have preferred not to put a personal photo or personal details. You may use an icon or an avatar if you choose.

7. At the end of the meeting you can seek out other members but please respect it if they do not wish to exchange details.

8. It is very helpful to have a copy handy of the SLAA Basic Text “The Augustine Fellowship” and the AA Big Book during meetings. It is also quite useful to save a copy of meeting’s readings: the SLAA 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Characteristics of Love addiction, and of sexual anorexia,the Promises, the Signs of recovery and the HOW Concept and Tools, so that you may be of service during the meeting by reading or posting.