Skype Slaahowanorexia Meeting Guide

To join us, please add the Skype name slaahowanorexia

For further information you can also email us at

Website: Skype SLAA HOW Anorexia


1. Please make sure all your phones are switched off or on silent.
2. All meetings are conducted in English unless specifically noted as otherwise.
3. Meetings will start promptly as stated in the timetable.  However, the Secretary will call the group 10 minutes before the scheduled start time in order to greet newcomers and select members for the readings.
4. If you arrive late, please IM the Secretary and you will be brought into the meeting without disturbing other members. Please enter quietly with your microphone muted. If you wish to leave early, please leave quietly.

5. To maintain call quality, please keep your SKYPE microphone on mute unless you are invited to speak. This is done by opening the ‘call’ drop down menu, then selecting the mute option. If the call drops out for technical reasons, please wait for the Secretary to redial the whole group back into the meeting.
6. If you are SKYPEing in from a mobile phone or in a public place where others might overhear, please use your headphones in order to protect the anonymity of the group.
7. If you wish to participate in our SKYPE meetings, you will need a copy of the SLAA 12 steps, the characteristics and the non-SLAA approved promises. All the documents needed to participate in the meeting can be found in this link.
8. Please respect the ‘No IM cross talk’ boundary. You may briefly acknowledge each speaker in the IM box with ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ but please do not engage in sending messages to other members. If necessary, you might receive or exchange IM with the Secretary, but please be aware that the Secretary is also attending the meeting for his/her recovery.
9. We recommend that you have a separate ID for Skype meetings to protect your anonymity. It also allows us to see that you are intending to join the meeting if you appear in your ID.
10. We suggest that you don’t add personal details or photo’s to your profile, you may use an icon or avatar instead.
11. At the end of the meeting you may wish to connect with other members but please respect it if they do not wish to exchange details.
12. There is a SKYPE limit of 25 members permitted in each session so please accept our apologies if the meeting is full.