Literature Price List

Below is a price list of all stock available to order via the Literature Committee. To view current stock availability or to place an order click here

Item Code
BO-004Basic Text (with anonymous cover)£10.00
AUB-001Basic Text Audio CD set (by special request)£40.00
NCP-001Newcomers Packs **£4.00
Meeting Starter PacksST-001-SGroup Starter Pack*£0.00
ST-003-BAnorexia Group Starter Pack*£0.00
PAM-001Intro To SLAA£1.00
PAM-00240 Questions£1.00
PAM-003Suggestions For Newcomers£1.00
PAM-004Questions Beginners Ask£1.00
PAM-006Addiction & Recovery£1.00
PAM-010Pocket Tool Kit£1.00
PAM-016Renewal Of Sobriety£1.00
PAM-017Setting Bottom Lines£1.00
PAM-018Romantic Obsession£1.00
PAM-019Measuring Progress£1.00
PAM-020Healthy Relationships£1.00
OtherBKP-001Triggers as a resource booklet£3.00
BKP-002Anorexia 1-2-3£3.00
BKT-003A Guide to the Steps£3.00
BKT-004Anorexia Recovery Tools£3.00
JOUR003-01Anorexia Articles Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-02Withdrawal Articles Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-03Healthy Relationships Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-04Twelve Steps Articles Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-06Step 6 Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-07Sober Dating Booklet£5.00
JOUR003-08Step 7 Booklet£5.00
ChipsPL-0011 day£0.80
PL-0021 week£0.80
PL-0031 month£0.80
PL-0042 months£0.80
PL-0053 months£0.80
PL-0066 months£0.80
PL-0079 months£0.80
PL-008Welcome Chip£0.80
PL-100Step 1 Chip£0.80
PL-200Step 2 Chip£0.80
PL-300Step 3 Chip£0.80
PL-400Step 4 Chip£0.80
PL-500Step 5 Chip£0.80
PL-600Step 6 Chip£0.80
PL-700Step7 Chip£0.80
PL-800Step 8 Chip£0.80
PL-900Step 9 Chip£0.80
PL-1000Step 10 Chip£0.80
PL-1100Step 11 Chip£0.80
PL-1200Step 12 Chip£0.80
MedallionsBR-0011 Year£4.50
BR-0032 Year£4.50
BR-0033 Year£4.50
BR-0044 Year£4.50
BR-0055 Year£4.50
BR-0066 Year£4.50
BR-0077 Year£4.50
BR-0088 Year£4.50
BR-0099 Year£4.50
BR-01010 Year£4.50
Clay MedallionsCL-002Serenity Prayer Clay Medallion£3.00
BraceletsBRC-001Carry The Message£1.20
BRC-002Principles Before Personalities£1.20
AA PublicationsBig Book (paperback)£8.00
12 & 12 (paperback)£6.00
As Bill Sees it£7.00
Came to Believe£6.00
Hazelden Publications24 Hours a Day Book£10.00
Little Red Book£8.00
*Picking and packing 15p per item£0.15
First item 40p£0.40

**Newcomers Packet includes: 40 Questions, Welcome, Questions Beginners Ask, Pocket Toolkit, Welcome Chip, and a SLAA Basic Text reference bookmark

*Group starter pack includes 2 basic texts, chips, medallions, and leaflets. Anorexia starter kit includes a range of anorexia literature.