Christmas/New Year Changes/Closures December 2019

  • London, Hinde Street Methodist Church is closed on 25th Dec, 26th Dec, 30th Dec, 31st Dec 2019 and 1st Jan 2020 and closes at 2pm on 24th Dec.
  • London Bloomsbury – 6.30  Tuesday meeting will not be taking place on Tuesday 24 December and Tuesday 31 December as the venue is closed.
  • Liverpool meeting will be closed for Christmas & New Year Eves.
  • Exeter Thursday 7pm meeting will not take place on December 26 2019 and January 2 2020.
  • Toddington – Christmas day and New Years Day both fall on Wednesday’s, the day we meet.  At a recent group conscience, we agreed that we would will not have meetings on Christmas day and New Year’s Day.
  • Sheffield – there will be no Tues meeting in Sheffield on Christmas or NY Eve.
  • Cheapside – we are not holding a meeting on Fri Dec 27 (as the church we meet in is closed that day), but all other meetings on either side of it will continue as usual.
  • Stevenage – please note there will NOT be a Meeting at Stevenage on Thursday 26th Boxing Day.
  • Mansion House – Monday’s 6pm (London City meeting Mansion House) will be closed on 23rd December, and 30th December. The meeting will open again on Mon 6th January.
  • Guildford meeting will not be taking place on Wednesday the 25th of December. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday the 1st of January 2020.
  • Norwich meeting will not be open on 24 December and 31 December. We will reopen on 7 January.
  • Nottingham meeting is closed 24th December but open New Year’s Eve as usual.
  • Mayfair Monday – there is no meeting on the 30th of December (we don’t have anyone to take the meeting that day).
  • Brighton – no meeting on Thursday 26th or Saturday 28th at the venue is closed. The next meeting in Brighton will be Thursday 2nd Jan.
  • Glasgow Sunday meeting is definitely not on this Sunday 29th of December only due to Quaker House being closed between Christmas and new year.
  • London LGBT meeting at Ogle Street on Thursday Jan 2nd is not happening because the venue is closed. Back next week.
  • Toulouse, we maintain our meetings every Tuesday even during the end year period.
  • Zurich – Monday night meetings in Zurich will take place as usual from 6:45am – 7:45am. Dates in December are 9, 16, 23, 30. Newcomers are always very appreciated.
  • SLAA Trailblazers online Zoom meetings will continue through Christmas and New Year as usual.

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