meetings for partners of sex addict

I posted on this site in October having realized that I was in a relationship with a sex addict and  am co dependent.

He is married and also had other relationships resulting in one of them becoming pregnant. I have been reading everything I can about the subject and  many thanks to everyone who has replied and offered advice to earlier posts.

The replies were so helpful and kept me going through that early bleak time.I have been finding myself ok at times but  I need help to get through this.

What are the best meetings to go to for partners, do I just turn up and is it ok that I am not his wife and should not have even been in this relationship? I feel so stupid admitting that and it will be difficult to admit it to people.

At present we are trying to keep a distance.He wants to be friends, I vary from wanting a relationship again, never wanting to see him again and trying the friends stuff! I have days which are ok and days where I am so angry and upset I can hardly function. Feel a bit mad to be honest.He is in therapy now and I am also thinking of doing that.

I am in London so can get to lots of the meetings but don’t want to be the only partner there.


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2 thoughts on “meetings for partners of sex addict

  1. Prof Post author

    Just a thought, but I wonder whether you suffer from a love addiction yourself.
    You could try SLAA and decide after a few meetings whether it was right or not.
    Most people wouldn’t get themselves into a married relationship.
    It sounds like you may benefit from the SLAA group yourself.

    Best wishes

  2. soconfused Post author

    Actually loads and loads of people are in long term relationships with married people.
    A quick look at these forums will show you that.

    Maybe I am sex addicted,maybe I’m not, but I think you have answered the main question for me and it seems I will not be accepted as the partner of a sex addict as he was married therefore I cannot be affected by his sex addiction.

    Where would his wife attend, could she be a partner or is she sex addicted too?


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