Slippery dip!

Well here I am doing slip questions again, after a slip at the end of step nine… having had some experience of this now…. being on my 126th and yes that does mean going round the Horne (if you’ll pardon the expression). But I had the feeling that with some experience and strength hope my answers were improving second time around. My sponsor has been quite complimentary about some of them, and as there isn’t a forum topic about the slippery slope I thought I’d post something here,this may be the wrong place and I’m open to suggestions if it would be better in a different area although Isubscribe to the idea that everything is exactly where it should be. My intention is to post some slip question answers. I do not in any way suggest that they are the right answers because as we all know there aren’t any in fact I would expect if anything that the scribblings may indicate just how many different answers there are.

Slip question 15

discuss and reflect upon the importance of growing up.

To grow up is to become what it is I am meant to be. An acorn may grow into an oak tree, the caterpillar into a butterfly. I find my true nature in growth. The honesty of my condition is only revealed to me when I become what I really am. I am very grateful to be a man, high in the order of Gods created things, with this most special of gifts, take part fully in the consciousness of God, connected,  both spiritual and incarnate.

To grow to full incarnation is my deepest longing, to touch the face of God in my flesh. To be a man in wholeness and fullness, and to shine as such for my son’s,  and all who I can be available to in love.

To simply be that which is my true honest presence is enough before any deed, there my is’ness is God.

Thy will not mine be done.