Newbie in need of advice…

It’s said that the first step of beating an addiction is admitting to yourself that your powerless over your addiction, and that your life has become unmanageable. Powerless – yes. Unmanageable = definitely. Over the last few days, a light bulb has come on in my head and I’ve had a significant change of heart regarding my addiction. That said, I’m looking to tap into a support network, and need some advice on how to get started, which meetings I can attend (I work in London), how do I get a sponsor, etc. Questions, so many questions. If anyone can provide any advice, I’d be very grateful. Thanks, Lemitca.

One thought on “Newbie in need of advice…

  1. Nero Post author

    Well done in getting this far. For some it’s the hardest part. Get to 6 different SLAA meetings – there are different kinds, so pick ones that suits you – women’s meetings, meditation meetings, regular step/chair meetings, HOW meetings, lunchtime meetings, evening meetings. Do the rounds, and take phone numbers to ask questions & find a sponsor if you want. Then when you have done 6 meetings, decide if SLAA is for you. Simple.
    All the best.


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