Obsessive Thoughts

I have had deep obsessional thoughts about this man in my therapy group,

I think about him constantly and how we might be together even though I have only spoken to him a few times, it builds up so much in my head and it may sound stupid but when I looked on the internet that it was highly unlikely we would end up together due to religious differences, I cried my eyes out and felt as though life was not living anymore, even the last time it did not go well between us, I took a few of my antidepressants and went to A&E, I have obsessed over men before and even for nearly a year over a celebrity but never quite this bad,

I am not sure if this is a love obsession/addiction as I have thought physically about him as well.

Any insight?? 🙁

One thought on “Obsessive Thoughts

  1. milo Post author

    Hi angels.
    I suggest you keep the professional mental health specialists and your GP updated on what you have shared above as honestly as you can, to help keep you physically safe and sound.
    You can self-diagnose to see if you may be suffering from a sex &/or love addiction using this checklist here:
    The 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis
    If you think SLAA might be for you, I suggest you get yourself to a face-to-face, online or Skype meeting, and speak with other SLAA members about your query above. It is suggested you go to at least six meetings to see if SLAA might be for you.
    There is also a pamphlet with more info on Romantic Obsession here, which may also be available in your local face-to-face meeting: store.slaafws.org/prod/PAM-018.html
    With best wishes.

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