SLAA, CODA or both?

Hello,I am new to the forum although I have read articles here on and off for a year.

I have accepted that I am co-dependent. I’ve been in therapy for some time and made good progress but I’ve come to believe that a fellowship will aid my recovery in ways that therapy may not be able to do.I have also read the CODA page and can absolutely and certainly say that I am co-dependent, so I intend to go to CODA meetings.

After going through the Self Diagnosis and Characteristics sections on this website I must say I don’t particularly think that I am a love addict, although the co-dependent aspects of love addiction fully apply to me.

I am also involved with a person who is a sex/love addict. He accepts that but doesn’t want to do anything about his addiction and I realise that this is partly because I enabled him for a long time without realising it.

In any case, I have yet to go to my first CODA meeting and I’ve also wondered whether SLAA meetings would be a good place for me. I’m in the lucky position to live in London where there are loads of meetings.

Of course the decision is my own, but I’d be interested to hear whether anyone has experience with attending both CODA and SLAA meetings or whether it’s a better idea to stick to either one.

Many thanks, Gemini, London

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