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Hi, I am a sex and love addict and anorexic and have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and am finding myself unable to travel to meetings in town as I have lost the mobility in my legs and cannot presently drive. I have finished the first 7 questions before the 30 questions and was wondering whether or not I can still work the SLAA HOW program, as my sponsor says that I cant do it, because he says that one of the HOW requirements is that I go to 3 meetings a week. Unfortunately there are no meetings near to where I live, within an hour and a half. But I am doing all the other suggestions including daily outreach calls and staying abstinent from bottom line behaviours. My question is, are there any SLAA HOW sponsors who are able to take me through the steps? I am only interested in hearing that it is possible to be sponsored through the HOW steps by someone, as I know that my higher power would not exclude me from this program because of my disability.

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  1. Nero Post author


    I have been sponsoring people following the HOW concept for 4 years now. At times some of my sponsees have lived abroad where there are NO meetings of any kind, some are in very distant parts of the UK, some have lived in very rural parts, some have been unable to travel due to lack of money. Some have had to make do with local AA meetings even if they are not alcoholics (which is what I had to do 4 years ago when there were far far fewer SLAA meetings).

    The point is that so long as you are doing your total best to recover and follow suggestions, then you ARE in recovery. There is no true distinction between HOW recovery or non-HOW – neither are better than the other, it is all the same, so long as you end up not acting out – so don’t get too hung up on whether it is HOW or not. It is still SLAA. The step work itself is still the same in both cases – although HOW chooses to prescribe written daily questions to make things clearer & more disciplined.

    Whatever your circumstances or disabilites, try online meetings or skype meetings – there is alot of talk about these on the forum – they are as valid as any other if you cannot get out too often.

    All the best & let us know how you get on.

    1. Ahmed

      Hello NERO,

      Do u still sponsor? I live in Egypt and there is no SLAA HOW, and I really want to work this program? Please if you can help in any way id be really thankful


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