Where do I start?

I do not live in the UK so I am not able to attend any meetings,

I would like to know where to start though asap…my 5 yr realationship is on the very edge of falling apart right now…..

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One thought on “Where do I start?

  1. Fergus Post author

    Have you checked the slaa US website.
    It has links to other countries.

    If you can get to any 12 step meeting locally such as al-anon or Coda. Even open AA meetings would be OK.
    Just read the AA Book and substitute the word alcoholic with sex and love addict and the word alcoholism with sex and love addiction. It works. All addictions are basically similar.

    The main way to release yourself from it is not to act out a day at a time.
    Just as an alcoholic stops drinking a day at a time.

    There are many SLAA online meetings. Just google SLAA online meetings.

    I wish you well. You are not alone.

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