Anorexia Focus – Top Lines Desperate Plea For for Help


We are desperate to get a copy of the ” SUGGESTIONS FOR TOP LINES” written on the PALE BLUE hand-out that is read out at the Thursday Lunchtime Meeting SLAA HOW one-hour Top-Line Action Group

If there is anyone out there in Anorectic Land reading this who is able and willing to get us a copy ( Even an iPhone Pic will do), that would be so so incredible,


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  1. Jane S Post author

    Jane Nomad
    Hi there, I’d be happy to help with this, I have the Top Lines handout on email; I just tried to cut & paste into this box from my apple macair but it wouldn’t allow me. Hmmmm….how about I just type the whole thing out…
    Where the bottom lines were crucial for setting me free from acting out – these toplines were absolutely essential to put something healthy and loving in their place and tear me away from ‘acting-in’. Arriving early, striking up a conversation, lingering after, speaking directly to individuals – these two actions have absolutely transformed my life & the way I interact in the world. I’m in Bali, Ubud, for a few months and have just started up a small meeting in Seminyak ya-hey with another member who just started the 30 questions (after his first 7 days to define bottom lines)!! We’re meeting every Weds lunchtime since last week. Contact me for details if any of you are coming over – I know Bali is a weekend place from certain parts of Australia. I found Hinde Street meetings amazing – the double whammy on Thursdays was very healing & powerful. I did the 12 steps and am answering the 60 maintenance questions now, wonderful.
    Here it is…….

    Non-Slaa approved literature
    SUGGESTIONS FOR TOP-LINE BEHAVIOUR For Social, Sexual & Emotional Anorexia Recovery
    These suggestions may be useful in determining your own top-lines
    * Linger: do not always be the first to leave
    * Work with a sponsor & Be a sponsor (these have been major hurdles)
    * Make the phone calls (another major hurdle)
    * Stay after meetings
    * Drive with the radio off (aargh such a challenge, but well worth it)
    * Don’t try to do the Steps perfectly
    * Make dates with people you care about (friends, sisters, nephews, parents, visit grandparents)
    * Take time to just be with yourself – instead of being so busy all the time
    * Write a daily 10th step
    * Get a regular massage
    * Masturbate regularly (or allow yourself to feel sexual) **obviously take into account any bottom line you may need about this
    * Return phone calls within 24hours if possible, even if just to say “I don’t have time to talk just now, but I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and I got your message…”
    * Go to small meetings where you know you’ll have a chance to share
    * Volunteer for service, program and otherwise
    * Go out dancing regularly
    * Say goodbye to individual people, don’t just leave
    * Buy healthy food that you like
    * Go on a date at least every 6 weeks (discuss with sponsor)
    * Walk in Nature,on the actual ground as opposed to tarmac or sidewalk
    * Have a meaningful conversation, if only briefly, every day
    * Pray, pray for others. This is connection. Pray to see others as your Higher Power sees them, and pray that they have peace, contentment and happiness in their hearts
    * Go out for for dinners after meetings once or twice a week (fellowship)
    * Participate in community, other than 12 step recovery groups (Very important)
    * Invite people into your house

    (From S.L.A.A.F.W.S. (Fellowship Worldwide Services) Not yet SLAA approved literature

  2. karen

    Thank you. The Top lines are really helpful as a sign post on this road to recovery. As an Anorexic I had no idea how to set them or what they looked like. Appreciate the effort t type them out.

    Thank you


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