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Hi,I’d like to go to one of the meetings around London, just realised/admitted im an addict and really need to get off my chest and find help. Do i just turn up to either of the Marlylebone rd meetings? Kelvin

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    23 November 2009 – 11:13pm — Fergus
    Kelvin yes you can just turn
    Kelvin yes you can just turn up to one of the many meetings around london. There are various types HOW and non-HOW slaa meetings. HOW is just a structured way of working the programme.Try at least six different meetings to see if things make sense to you and whether SLAA is for you or not. You have made a great step in realising that you need help. Slaa has all types of people straight, gay, men ,women and is open to everyone who seeks help and support. The first few meetings wont make much sense to you but keep going back and things will start to clarify for you . Good luck.


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