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    OA and SLAA

    I have been Bulimic since I was 17 following a long period of sexual abuse. My eating has been up and down really throughout my life. My weight seems to fluctuate by 2 and a half stone! When out of a relationship I am light, and am addicted to the gym. When in a relationship I start to put on weight in reaction to the dis-functionality present in it. I have been out of my codependent relationship for a good month now and was unable to eat properly and so have lost at least a stone. However this weekend I was feeling very stressed, isolated, and angry, so I binged and purged some days twice. This is not a pattern I want to get into so I ate properly tonight and will endeavour to stick to my resolve over the coming week. It is hard because I feel some self disgust and feel that the control of my food is the only thing I can control in my life, that of course is the irrational view. My body image has always been quite negative and being in a relationship with a sex addict surely did not help. The cycle is difficult to stop once it starts and I really don’t want to add to the problems I already have. I want to focus all my energy on my recovery and withdrawl and not on food.


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