Gratitude and Surrender

I just wanted to express my immense gratitude to everyone who worked so hard to bring this new website to the Fellowship ..I’ve had a look this morning and feel like a kid in a sweet shop ..imagining the millions of recovery typo’s’ i can make on this board and all the other goodies …I’m blown away .this is really a fantastic site, it feels like a real privilege just to be here and I’m certain that it is the beginning of something that will help many many suffering people. We can all be proud as a fellowship that we’ve come so far and yet there is so much potential for us to experience the joy of helping others to find recovery from the immence suffering of Sex and love addiction. Today I,m glad to be a sex and love addict i trust in in my higher power and I feel that power so strongly here on this site that whatever that understanding of Higher Power is it MUST be here Today!

In Fellowship ….Joe

 How gently you awaken in my heart sweet Spirit.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude and Surrender

  1. Catty Post author

    CATTY:] Hi I found this web site yesterday and couldn’t agree with you more. Iv been in denial for so long, and when I finally plucked up the courage to log on I was so impressed. Knowing there is help and support out there makes this a lot easier.I’ve just posted my first post and am eagerly awaiting my journey to begin. Heres to a new beginning.

  2. Zak Post author

    Wow everyone !!!! Check out the dates of these posts , its exactly or almost exactly a year since this forum went live I give thanks and have total gratitude for everyone who has posted here, and to everyone who contributes to the running of the website and forum and a big happy birthday to the forum!Thy Will not Mine be done.


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