The Beginning of my journey

Hi Im new to recovery and have just finally surrendered to being a sex addict. Iv been into rehab for sexual addiction and other addictions recently, but all that did for me was give me an opportunity to start yet another affair with a guy I met in there! I have been in an other fellowship on and off for a couple of years now but have been in denial about this part of my addict for a long time. I know the only way forward for me is a 12 step programme for sex addictions and now is the time for me to start. I would love to hear from anyone that could tell me how to set up the on line meetings, as there is only one meeting I can get to once a week. Also if anyone out there attends that meeting I would love some support as I’m terrified of attending my first meeting! Is hoping to go next Saturday 30th August. Is hoping someone out there can guide me and I can start this part of my recovery, so I will keep on praying to my HP and hope to hear from anyone soon.
Thanks CATTY

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