My First step is to stop Lying

I have Just joined this site.

I have a very long suffering girlfriend who has for the fourth time caught me in the act of chasing affection, sex & new love.

I put myself in her shoes and know that I wouldn’t be with her if she put me through what I have put her through, We love each other so much and she is only still with me not because she is weak and needy but because she just about believes that I have a problem and my acts do not correspond with who I am day to day.

Our relationship is at the moment on the rocks and I’m sleeping in the spare room but this is my time to change my ways, I have a counseling session booked for the 1st Oct. and I want to get more spiritual again.

Can someone please give me some words of advice and encouragement. Thanks

One thought on “My First step is to stop Lying

  1. Deacon Post author

    well I have been reading everyones discussions and then I read mine again and relise that I am such a low down, pond life of a human being.
    My girlfriend has agreed to stick at the reationship on certain terms, that I make visible steps to work through my addiction.

    Most Men that I come accross are genrally faithfull minded, they look here and there but never touch, you also have the playa who juggles women like balls. and then ther is me!!
    I will be friends with you but tell you that your so attractive and you have such a wonderfull character, “even though I have a girlfriend there is nothing wrong with us being friends” I would say. then one two three, we are locked into an affair first of the mind and then of the flesh.

    I know that I do this to fill the void in my self that is constantly longing for affection that makes my girfriend feel that she is not enough for me. So why is it so hard for me to stop?

    I am stopping now but for how long…… when will it be, until my eye wonders and my dry soul longs for the quenching of a womans smile. I want to be the man that my girlfriend deserves but I’m so stressed that this zeal for being faithfull will just fade into the normality of life and love and I will be faced again with the dilema of temptation.

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