My Toplines

Top-lines. This is my topic of self reflection for the weekend.This follows my realising that my addiction is just as severe, perhaps more so on the anorexic, acting in side as the addicted acting out side.

I’m going to try to think up some top-lines for me . HELP

1. Brush teeth three times a day

2. Make those three outreach calls each day

3. Don’t make outreach calls to only those people I perceive I can help in a co dependent way.

4. Get to bed early enough to be fresh the next day

5. Go to less meetings (it all in motivation, my sponsor reckons I go to 12 meetings week to avoid feelings- again all in the motivation.)

6. Value time so keep calls short enough for me and end them when I’m ready

7. Meditate

8. Pray

9. Eat meals alone that I would eat if there was someone else with me.

There’s a started list. the thing is with top-lines and me is when I get into the social one’s I tend to lose my groundedness. The two times I have completely forgotten to phone my sponsor I have been out doing top-line stuff. It’s seems to me I get inoxicated ? but how can that be so, anyway I lose my groundedness and I find that very scary.

2 thoughts on “My Toplines

  1. jed

    Yeah hi. Just want to be happy, joyous and free and not be obsessing about it. Letting go is hard when one is desperately lonely and longing for an intimate connection with a sexual opposite.

  2. Hayley M.

    Love the brush teeth 3 times a day!! The calling out to none codependent!! Love it. And getting off phone when I want to. Practice this today!


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