Nervous at attending meeting

Hi, I joined the site a year ago but didn’t act on it.  I would like to join the meeting in Toddington but am really nervous about new ventures and walking into an already established meeting alone.  Is there anyone that goes to the meeting or anyone that can advise me?  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Prof Post author

    Hi Bee,
    I am one of the founding members of the Toddington group and have been going there for over 2 years. Its a lovely group, varying between around 8-10 people most weeks. We are all very friendly and welcoming. If you are a little nervous, I suggest you arrive a little before 7:30, perhaps 7:15pm. We are found around the back of the Methodist church. There is another meeting on at the same time (weightwatchers) which is bigger. We are in a small room to the right as you walk in. It mainly consists of women. We have an anorexic focus meeting on the first tuesday of each month which you might find good to attend.
    Another meeting which is almost all women is the Stevenage SLAA meeting on Thursday evenings.

    Hopefully see you there sometime and good luck



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