New Life

I’ve just separated from my wife after 12 wonderful years.  I ended up in rehab in central London last year to deal with my Bipolar and with that comes several other issues.  I found myself flirting with all the attractive women there and ended up having an affair with my Therapist.  My wife found out and we had a short term split, allowing us both to come to terms with what we both wanted and we decided to get back together.  I am truly proud of my wife and she simply is breath taking and yet I’ve finally lost her again and this time for good.
I don’t know if anyone can relate to my situation but it truly hurts and kills me ever so gently that I have lost the most beautiful women in the world and I sit here feeling totally pissed off with myself.  I feel this has to be my first step in correcting my life and the ‘mischief’ has to end and I have to face the final conclusion that if this loss means something, it means a new life for me and one that must start on the right foundations.
I am seeking to attend meetings in central London but don’t know where to begin or how.
Advice is warmly welcome.

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