I haven’t posted for a while. I am very confused. My husband has been home from a clinic for treatment for SLAA now for 5 months. We are still together, and he is still clean, but i am struggling with trust among many others issues. I feel alone in my own recovery, i cant talk to family or friends.

There are no meetings for partners where i am. I have tried Al-anon but feel I didn’t connect there.

Where do I go from here, i worry the marriage wont survive, but sometimes i wonder whether I have any strength left to fight.

Am I alone? I feel alone! Does trust ever come back to a relationship affected by SLAA?

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  1. TJR Post author


    I can’t tell you what to do, but it does sound like getting some support for you would help.

    There are some treatment centers in the USA (can’t say which on here) that issue lists of UK therapists they have trained who can help support you with this stuff – so finding a place that treats his illness, then asking for a list of therapists is my suggestion.

    Like others have said, finding a fellowship where you do feel at home would also help as you would then have a peer group of other people in the same boat.

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