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  1. grace1 Post author

    Not sure whether you have been to a SLAA HOW meeting yet but, like you, I knew as soon as I did that it was the best way for me to work the programme, providing me with a structure and discipline that I couldn’t achieve on my own.

    Regarding the questions, not sure how much you know but they need to be done in a very specific way.

    First, you need to find a sponsor as you can’t do the questions or indeed the steps without one. When you have one they will start you on the questions, there are in fact 37 questions.
    The first seven, given to you daily by your sponsor need to be answered in order to establish your bottom lines.
    When this has been done you will have your official sobriety date and this is when you begin the questions. Again, these will be given to you one a day for 30 days by your sponsor. You will read your answer to the question and receive the next question on a daily basis. If you slip you will then stop the 30 questions and go on to slip questions.
    I am currently coming to the end of my questions and the experience has been amazing. The questions are very carefully thought out and really get you to look at your addiction from every possible angle, taking you from step 1 to 3 in a way that allows you to feel the changes and really understand the steps and yourself.
    I hope you do decide that SLAA HOW is for you and that you do find a sponsor and start the questions. I wish you well.

  2. Prof Post author

    When I started SLAA HOW a year ago, I felt the same way. I wanted to know the questions first so that I had a more complete picture before embarking on my recovery.
    However, since finishing the questions and working as a sponsor, I now feel differently for several reasons
    1. As said earlier the questions are cleverly laid out, each one adding to the one before, to give a complete picture.
    If I had known the questions beforehand, I would have planned each answer differently knowing that it would be discussed at another time.
    2. Just having to think about one question at a time allowed me to devote all my time to just one question, and to discuss that question with my sponsor. (keeping it simple).
    3. Daily contact with a sponsor is so important in opening up and breaking the addictive cycle. Having a reason to ring, to get the next question was an encouragement to me.
    So don’t worry about getting the questions, find a sponsor instead, work the programme and in time you too will end up a sponsor working the same 30 questions with others! You will be pleased it was done one question at a time.Prof

  3. Indigo Post author

    I’m fairly new to the fellowship and have started my 30 questions (am on number 3) with a Sponsor, but are there 30 questions or 37?
    My Sponsor says there are 30 in total, and I’ll work out my bottom lines at Q7 – but a post on here says 37 in total. Can anyone clear up my confusion?

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