2 thoughts on “where is the 12th step in action?

  1. Andy C Post author

    In my early days of recovery I travelled a 100mile round trip from Glasgow to Edinburgh every fortnight to the only face to face meeting in Scotland at that time. I even took a long weekend visit to London purely to find recovery.

    I also hammered the telephone meetings and tried the online ones too. I would suggest that you do likewise, because it works if you work it, I am now 2 years and 9 months away from breaking any bottom lines! Seek and ye shall find!


    PS If you are ever in Scotland, come and visit us in Glasgow on a Sunday night, you will be made very welcome! God bless

  2. Prof Post author

    I know that feeling!

    I travelled a 60 mile round trip to my local meeting in London for several years! Now we have created 4 meetings within a few miles of me its a lot easier. The programme certainly works if you work it.

    Keep it up Charlie!

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