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hi there
I’m currently starting to go through my steps again with a new sponsor for my addictions to food,drink and drugs.(im six years sober) I would find it really nice and simple if it was possible to work out my boundaries around my now prevelant slaa problems so that i could continue working with one sponsor.
Does that sound possible? I would still like to attend slaa meetings and speak to people on the phone but think it would be great to have one sponsor for all my addictions in a keep it simple kind of way?!
Also I live in Bristol where there arent currently any meetings so I’d really like to find ways of doing on line or skype meetings? Can you give me any advice?

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  1. just4today Post author

    Hi there, I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone who shares your addictions, I found the convention a great place to meet people, though we’ll have to wait till the end of the year for that!
    There are online, phone and Skype meetings available, have a look at the meetings section on the USA website, for more details. Meeting times are usually Eastern time (=New York time, usually 5 hours behind us). You can get phonecards or special bundles on calling international numbers to make it more affordable, or use skype.

    Hope that helps, all the best.


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