Am I an addict? or am I over reacting


I’m a 23 year old uni student and I’m not sure if I’m an addict or just over reacting.  I have been with over 20 guys which compared to other peoples stories I know isn’t allot, but that’s only been with the last couple of years. It started really when I found out my dad was dying, I went off the rails and started cheating on my husband after only 5 months of marriage. I eventually left but carried on having sex with random guys id meet out in clubs. I have sometimes been known to have sex with more than 2 different guys in 1 day. If I’m not having sex with guys I’m chatting to guys on the internet and texting guys that I know will chat sexually to me. I also watch porn on a daily basis and masturbate numerous times throughout the day; no matter where I am I will always find somewhere to do it.  I feel the constant need to have more than one guy in my life that I can have sex with. I tend to go for guys that already have partners as I know they won’t get emotionally attached to me as that scares the hell out of me, yet being alone scares me to.  I don’t know what to do.

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  1. Fergus Post author

    I acted out a lot and at the
    I acted out a lot and at the heart of it was an aspect of sex and love addiction called anorexia. I was also very love and committment avoidant. Get to some meetings and you will work out whether slaa is for you or not. You do seem to have some behaviours that might suggest you are SLA. Just keep an open mind, get to meetings and  your common sense will work things out for you. Good luck.  


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