New to this kind of thing

Hey there…So.. umm.. yeah.. where to start.. well.. I’m 21 and I live in London.. I just recently realised I have a sexual addition. I am thinking about going to a meeting though I have depression and anxiety so this would be really hard for me. I guess, what I’m looking for is someone I could talk to.. possibly someone in London who attends meetings. But that isn’t necessary. I have no one to talk to about the sexual addiction stuff. So yeah.. someone to talk to would be good.. Urm.. I’m not really sure what else to say… I shall leave my email (EDITED: TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR ANONYMITY, AND FOR THE SAKE OF UPHOLDING OUR TRADITIONS ON ANONYMITY, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PUBLISH PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESSES OR CONTACT NUMBERS. IF YOU REQUIRE HELP PLEASE ATTEND YOUR NEAREST MEETING. BEST OF LUCK!) just incase someone out there would like to be a sponsor or a friend :)”Braelyn”

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